Think it costs more to use a Travel Agency? Think again!

At Great Xcapes Travel, WE PLAN FOR FREE! With our preferred suppliers, we can often BEAT any deal out there. Give us the opportunity to compare any packages you find. We truly make the difference!

Our experience, expertise, and knowledge of destinations and the travel business enable us to bring you the best product at the best price. In reality, the best bargain is to use a travel agent who knows where and how to get the most for your travel dollar.

Top 10 Reasons to Use Great Xcapes Travel

10. CONVENIENT ONE STOP SHOPPING. We can handle every aspect of your trip from airline tickets to lodging, ground transportation, activities, tours, and more.

9. CREDENTIALS. We attend all sorts of seminars and classes to prepare ourselves for trip requests like yours.

8. WHAT TO PACK. No one explained to you that in July it's Winter time in Rio, so you showed up there with nothing but five Hawaiian shirts and three pairs of swimming trunks.

7. CHOICE. We can offer you an array of options and price quotes from a variety of travel suppliers, giving you the upper hand when making your final travel decisions.

6. PERSONALIZED TRAVEL SERVICE. We make your needs our priority.

5. UNBIASED INFORMATION. We work for you not the travel supplier.  Our only objective is to get you the best value and satisfy you completely.  That way, you'll come back and see us again!


3. TRAVEL EXPERTISE. Most travel agents are considered experts in the area you are traveling to and have probably already been to your chosen destination.

2. SAVE TIME AND MONEY. Our service to you is FREE.

1. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU.  Before, during, and after your trip to provide guidance and assistance to ensure you have a wonderful experience.